Beatenberg is a fresh new face in pop music from South Africa. Or rather, three faces, handsome and young and intelligent. The faces are of Matthew Field, who also has a beautiful voice and plays the guitar, Ross Dorkin, who has beautiful hands that play the bass, and Robin Brink, who has a beautiful life-force and plays the drums like a nutcase. 

Despite being in love with and schooled in ‘serious music’ like Beethoven, Debussy and John Coltrane, (Ross and Matthew studied music together at the University of Cape Town) Beatenberg is adamant that they are heard as ‘pop music’, which they believe is actually quite serious too. 

Songwriter Matthew says: ‘It’s about emotions, images and fleeting senses of things: the mad stuff that everyone feels and almost understands.’



Chunda Munki

Chunda munki is the alias of 23yr old dj and producer Blayze Saunders. Originating from the east side of Johannesburg, South Africa, and being on the scene for over 6 years, playing alongside some of the biggest names in South Africa, holding residencies, smashing dance floors from mainstream clubs, to some of the craziest ass shakin' events and house parties.. Known for creating sexy groove filled, jacked up beats with just the right amount of energy to keep you on your toes! build-ups that make you sweat with anticipation, and breaks that are capable of giving your girlfriend orgasms!

Currently holding a residency at the underground superclub "Bambu" playing alongside the finest of SA's djs/artists and resident for Joburgs hottest underground house movement "Booth Productions".. playing alongside massive names and the pioneers of the scene in SA, such as: Vimo, Guy Herman & Jon S (Pimp Squad), Roger D'lux, Lady Lea, Mark Stent, Peter Booth, Royal K, Lorenzo (UK).. and many more.. Chunda Munki's successful EP release (FIGURES) on Flexual records, saw the rise of his success with djs and artists dropping his music all around the world.. with the drive for success, an ever growing following of loyal fans, and the talent to boost him, the future looks to be a bright one..



Desmond & The Tutus

Desmond & The Tutus have been scare-crowing across the world’s stages with their unique, some might call it niche, brand of kwela-indie-punk for just on ten years. But to call it niche would be entirely missing the point, the Tutus are more shape-shifters than niche, their sound slotting comfortably between Thandiswe Mazwai and Hugh Masekela, as it did at the Soweto Heritage Fest in 2013, or between surf rocker’s Beach Party and synth mavens Gateway Drugs during the Puma Happy Holiday in summer 13/14.

The Tutus’ have also toured extensively internationally, opening on their 2009 UK tour for The Vivian Girls, The Soft Pack and Women. They played at one of the last, and legendary Optimo parties at The Sub Club in Glasgow and somehow managed to sell out their first European headliner at Vanner och Bekanta in Stockholm. They’ve also played among Johnny Clegg, The Mahotella Queens, and Blk Jks at the South African themed Rio Loco in Toulouse, France in 2010. As an intern trying to put together a blurb on deadline you could probably just say something like “Desmond & The Tutus have sold out shows all over the globe, including Japan, France, Sweden and the UK”, I mean if you don’t want to go into the whole how-do-I-trim-that-mass-of-info-down panic.


Closer to home, or rather right at home, the Desmonds have played for deaf people at Joburg’s Bassline, where there was a vibrating dance floor and interpretive dancer and, according to Craig, “a deaf person who stole my bag that night.” Let’s not get into that. Early in 2014 they performed at Kirstenbosch to a bunch of young people who were about 5 years old when the band was formed. That’s scary. Desmond & The Tutus are kak old. They remind a lot of people about that one time in first year. But that didn’t stop Shane from leaping off the stage a couple of years ago at the I Love Soweto Party at Orlando Bowls Club and participating in some kind of weird dance off. That’s just how they roll.

Forming in 2005, it took until 2008 for Shane, Nick, Craig and Doug to get their act together and release their debut album Tuckshop, which was loved for it’s home record vibe more than it was a commercial success. Around this time they also had two releases on Japanese labels, Flake Records and Every Conversation.

Shortly after this they released an EP entitled & The. In 2008 Parisian label, Tigersushi released a 12” of Kiss You On the Cheek.

In 2012 the band worked with Los Angeles­ based producer, Eric Broucek, and their 2nd full ­length album entitled MNUSIC was released in July of 2012. The first three singles from the album all charted on the 5FM Top 40. Most notably, the 2nd single Zim Zala Bim reached No. 1 on the 5FM Top 40.



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DJ Fresh

“The biggest challenge for South African radio right now is further bridging the gap between white and black music. Traditionally there has been polarisation in music through our society’s past. 5FM is crossing that bridge and it is I believe the only national youth station in the country which has the power and opportunity to affect change at grassroots levels. 5FM can do what a lot of politicians wish they could do – getting all sorts of different people to talk to each other.”

Thato Sikwane, aka DJ Fresh, started out in radio in Botswana in the early nineties and from the minute he was shown the mic he knew that broadcasting was the only career for him. Fresh subsequently dropped his law studies and pursued radio fulltime, joining YFM in 1997. Fresh was heading up the YFM breakfast team by 2003 and was quickly snapped up by 5FM in 2006 where the Fresh Drive has since become a 5FM institution as well as one of the station’s most popular shows.

Fresh is set to release his twenty fourth house album in 2010 – a Soul Candi production called Evolution part two. His first four house albums – the “Fresh House Flava” range are said to have altered the house landscape in South Africa for good, bringing the genre into the mainstream music scene.

Fresh has shared the DJ booth with a number of internationals during his career to date, including “Little Louie” Vega, Frankie Knuckles, Armand Van Helden, Chris Lake, Paul Van Dyke, Oskido, Fat Boy Slim, Hoxton Whores, Jazzy Jeff, Harley & Muscle, Ready D, Kenny Gope Gonzales, Viny Da Vinci, Deep, Gregory and Dominic Spreadlove. Cities like Johannesburg, Miami, London, Cape Town, Moscow, Brisbane, Ibiza, Leeds, Durban, Gaborone, Birmingham, Dubai, Montreal and Melbourne have all danced to Fresh's beats. 

An entrepreneur at heart, Fresh is gifted at spotting gaps in the market and he has many projects on the go at any one time. A few examples are Fresh’s cool T-shirt range and merchandise which started out as a fun side project and is now hugely in demand; his company Big Dawg Productions; his partnership with DJ Euphonik called “F.Eu” as well as his ongoing involvement in numerous charities and awareness campaigns.

DJ Fresh is part of “DJU”, a team of leading South African deejays, musicians, producers and media personalities. Inspired by international conferences such as The Miami Winter Music Conference, DJU established the Southern African Music Conference in 2005. The conference is more than a talk shop for deejays & producers; it is a critical platform for Southern African dance music industry practitioners to keep pace with, and eventually lead global developments.

Despite his enormous success, Fresh remains humble about his achievements and still has many goals to pursue: “I feel I still have a way to go – if I could use the analogy of a truck with ten gears I’d only be in sixth gear now. I’m still building the foundations of my career – so much can still be done. That’s why I accepted a job at 5FM over Metro – I knew it would be a challenge and I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. I like to push myself, the boundaries, and peoples perceptions of the boundaries. I also hate loose ends which mean I probably will finish my Law degree one day.”

Fresh describes the 5FM team as “The most dynamic team I have ever worked with – they are a bunch of highly motivated people and it rubs off. 5FM has extremely high standards and benchmarks which inspire me to be even more inspired, if you understand what I mean.”

In his spare time Fresh loves to relax with his wife and son at home. He is a movie buff and has a massive DVD collection – some of his favourite personal indulgences also include watches, fragrance and shades. Fresh has over one hundred and twenty fragrances in his personal collection, as well as forty watches and twenty pairs of sunglasses. 

Nothing is stopping DJ Fresh as his career continues to grow at an exponential rate. Tune into the hottest daily drive show in South Africa on 5FM, as Fresh and his dynamic Fresh Drive team continue to entertain, break down boundaries and bring South Africans together.

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Euphonik is one of South Africa's most successful young dance DJ's with a reputation for being able to please a diverse crowd both in the clubs and on the radio.



Felix Laband

"Laband is now 31 . Maritzburg-born, Durban-bread and Cape Town-based. He thankfully took up computer music instead of surfing, and was in various guitar-based bands (including Fingerhead and incurable) before having a solo piece included on the Koert Kotze en die Vrouekolonie CD. Laband´s fiendish and phat foray into introspective electronics was highly promising and the highlight of a critically acclaimed project. He also had two notable inclusions on the excellent Sound of the Durban Underground collection. He already produced two fantastic albums, but this time he's going real deep and shows us his “Dark Days Exit“.

As Felix told U.K. magazine “Dazed & Confused“, “That South Africa is a land of weird contrasts which definitely comes through in my music. I'm not afraid to throw things around. A lot of European stuff is quite formulistic, people stick to a certain sound and a specific way of doing things. I try to throw that out of the window.“

Words: Greg Bowes


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Kyle Cassim

At the tender age of 13, Kyle after years of listening to his fathers collection of Disco Music, asked his father to pleasebuy him a mobile DJ system so that he could start playing at the local school disco’s. 

From the age of the age of 13-18 Kyle quickly became his home town Benoni’s favorite mobile dj, performing at Weddings, 18th’s , 21st’s and any function that needed a Mobile DJ, this is where his musical knowledge was established. Through out all of this, Kyle’s parents didn’t allow him to go to nightclubs as he was still finishing school. 

After matric Kyle attended the University of Pretoria, where he began his Bcom law Degree. In his first year he heard about a nearby pub called CHEEKY MONKEY, which needed a Dj to play every Wednesday. Wednesday after Wednesday, Kyle set up his two speakers and rented CDJ’s from friends as he never had his own. Each Wednesday more and more people starting talking about this “ Kyle Cassim “ that was playing HOUSE MUSIC in Hatfield Square. Without warning Ty’s Nightclub in Menlyn snatched him up to start their student nights. 

Kyle’s energetic performance’s and passion for making a crowd dance started spreading his name through out PTA and JHB, where Mark Stent gave him an opening slot on his FLEXUAL FLOOR at the prestigious H2o Festival. This paved a way for even more people to hear and witness his electrifying performances. 

From the year 2011 to 2014 Kyle has not dropped his head once and has continued to show his pure passion for music and entertainment. 

Kyle’s astounding energy behind a DJ box, his crowd interaction and general overwhelming presence lead him to be invited to perform in the Netherlands in 2012 alongside the likes of Franky Rizardo, Jeff Doubleu and Skitzofrenix. 

In the last 3 years he has performed at every major club in South Africa, Mozambique and Zambia, where he is always received with an ever so warm welcome. 

Festivals Kyle Cassim Has performed at include : Ultra Festival South Africa , Fun in the sun, Numerous h2o’s, Colourfest, Wonderland, , Rage Festival, and many more!

This year Kyle opened for International sensations COSMIC GATE and Michael Calfan to crowds of over 8000 people and recently closed for JOSH BUTLER. He has also shared the stage and line up with International stars such as Belocca, Avicii, Deadmau5, Vanilla ace, Juicy m, Tony cha cha, Morgan Paige, Bingo Players, Hannah wants, Lorenzo… The list could go on. 

Right now at the age of 25 years old, Kyle Cassim is making bigger waves then ever, there is not a single club in South Africa That hasn’t heard his name and every day he is working harder to make sure his music touches the ears of people of different races, ages and demographics. 

In a recent interview when asked about how he felt about where he is in his career right now Kyle responded “ what do you mean? I’m only getting started.” 

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Kyle Watson

Musically trained from a young age, Kyle’s foundation has helped him forge a path through the Garage Band generation. Not afraid to step out of his comfort zone, his appreciation for each and every genre of music has given Kyle his unique and eclectic sound – a sound that one would be hard pressed to find anywhere else – and it is because of this that he has secured himself a spot as one of South Africa’s most successful internationally acclaimed dance music producers.

Some of the best and most successful dance producers in the world – top charters like Pleasurekraft, Trickski, Audiojack, Shiba San, Dale Howard, and more – have been supporting Kyle’s music. It is because of this avid support that his music has been released on high profile record labels such as Get Physical, Gruuv and Ultra.

Kyle is a regular guest at Truth, one of the longest running and most respected clubs in the country, and has appeared at Ministry of Sound in London, Mission in Leeds, and more across the UK in cities such as Birmingham, Bristol and Halifax.

His sets are smooth and well balanced, and have evolved into a style of forward thinking house music that borrows from techno, deep house, garage, jacking and tech house.



Matthew Mole

I'm not the best at speaking, but through music it's natural. It takes up a lot of my time, it drives me, it makes me who I am.

I try to live my life a little differently to the way most people think it should be done. For me, music is very closely linked to that. I like to try and bring my hopes and beliefs through that. What I aim to achieve is for people be affected by my music - in a great way, a way that will make them think about where they're at. Something that everyone can relate to.

If you had to force something out of me, I'd tell you that I play Folk music. Folk music with an Electronic back bone. I have so many influences, ranging from the people everyone's heard of, like Mumford & Sons, to people like Gold Panda.

I hope that this musical adventure, way of life if you will, I'm taking will help you to enjoy whatever adventure you are taking.



Pop Art

Pop Art.jpg

Welcome to Pop Art.

This is not about the scene. It’s about a creative journey, an experience of live entertainment. Crossing the boundaries of electronica to bring an interactive show that’s coupled with a whirlwind of original music.

Two unique minds unite with influences ranging from indie disco, house, techno and 80s grooves. The combination sees the production and technical skills of Ricky meeting the ecstatic musicality and vocal prowess of Martin, an arrangement that induces a dreamlike state in audiences. Creatively it’s perfectly in sync allowing them to make their way to Sankeys Nightclub UK as well as open for Miguel Campbell, Berlin beat smiths Dr. Dru and Andre Crom. Locally the duo has played alongside Niskerone and Ryan Murgatroyd at establishments that have also held host to bands such as Desmond and The Tutus. Punters across the country can usually catch these two at events such as Park Acoustics, It’s Personal Picnic, Suburban State, ERA Nightclub (CPT), Truth Nightclub, Hot On Top and have recently played their first Oppikoppi (2015) festival and set to play Rocking the daises that same year.

Pop Art’s first release, “Lights Out”, which included remixes from Inxec (Crosstown Rebels/Get Physical) and a backseat remix from Cape town local Dix (Nomadiq Music) saw the duo showcasing their connection with the underground techno and house scene. They then went on to sign with Outcross Records (UK), Miguel Campbell’s imprint. This allowed the two to explore a sound that expresses their love for nu-disco and the French touch. Next was a signing to Jo’burg based Just Move Records where they developed a more mature deep sound. Their latest release “So Alive” sees them teamed up with local House legend Kyle Watson on Sharam Jey’s Berlin based label Bunny Tiger. Besides racking up 50thousand plays on Soundcloud, Sharam has called Pop Art’s remix of “So Alive” his track of Summer 2015. With these releases Pop Art have shown their versatility and vast electronic music knowledge that has them looking into the future and take influence from artists such as Jamie xx, Flume, Chet Faker and the Black Butter Crew out of London.

This is only a stepping-stone to the heights set in sight for these two. Consistently delivering a world-class performance that’s seen them hailed as one of the best live acts in South Africa by both Nomadiq Music and Mixed Apples Blog. Pulse radio identifies the duo as “steadily rising up the ranks with the their unique brand of vocally driven dance music”, a statement that rings true after watching the two do what they do best.

'Too commercial to be underground to underground to be commercial...' 

Yours in boogie


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Vimesh Bhana aka DJ Vimo

Originally hailing from the Friendly City of Port Elizabeth South Africa, it’s been virtually two decades of immense success as prolific and respected DJ Vimo (best known for his eclectic sets) continues to blow up dance floors all across the country. 

Whilst travelling abroad as early as 1995, Vimo developed his encyclopaedic knowledge of electronic music by befriending the store owner of ‘Vinyl Junkies’ local record store in Soho London. Too impatient to learn through trial-and-error and observation, he was taken under the wing of the established veteran DJ John Paul. In under a year, Vimo got his first break and began playing at a number of trendy bars and lounges in and around London.

His return to South Africa in 1998 manifested into a two year stint playing in commercial venues which laid the basis to triumph over Port Elizabeth’s renowned and lucrative underground scene. In his hometown he continued to invade Castro’s, The Lennox, XXXtreme and 52 Parliament to mention a few. Heavily influenced by international sensation Armin Van Helden and local PE demigod Munro, Vimo has cultivated and skilled rhythms all distilled down to a pure distinctive sound that never fails to rip dance floors apart.

He was the first ever DJ from PE who, in association with USM Records and The Deeper Sound Series released “Deeper Sound of Vimo.” His second release “Vimo Presents East Coast Flavour” was a successful solo project whereby he collaborated with the likes of top local DJ’s Craig de Sousa and Roger De Lux and was also praised by the masses resulting in his third album from the Natural Groove Series “Natural Groove III by Vimo” again proving to be in the frontline of the music scene with his cutting edge and self proclaimed “Chutney House” sound.

Vimo has held residencies in the most popular and commendable nightclubs and headlined the biggest parties in Port Elizabeth. Not content, he progressed to invade dance floors around South Africa such as SPLASH, H20, NATURAL GROOVE, SWEET SESSIONS, NEXUS, ESP, TILT, TRUTH, SUTRA, THE FEZ, DOCKSIDE, POP ART, TOKYO SKY, JET, SUSHI SUNDAY, VINTAGE VINYL, OOLONG LOUNGE, CARFAX, THE WOODS, SUGAR, BANG BANG CLUB, JUICE, VOODOO LOUNGE, GROOVEBAR, STONES, NEWSCAFE, PANAMA ROOM and ARUBA LOUNGE. 
He has performed in support of international DJ’s such as Carl Cox, Tiesto, Tom Novy, Sister Bliss as well as top local DJ’s.

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